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The family business Bonger Movers has been delivering top quality service for over 4 generations. The company was founded by W.E.J. Bongers in 1920. Originally, the company was involved in transporting goods in Wageningen and surrounding areas. For example, W.E.J. Bongers would transport blocks of ice by horse and carriage to residential houses. When the son J.Bongers took over the company, we were many busy with helping people move houses. Inside as well as far outside of the Netherlands. We also had a regular service to Sweden. Every week we would transport pianos there and return with matches from the Swedish woods.

The 4th generation

J. Bongers sons, Wim and Gus, took over the business in the 70s. The current director Jaap Bongers has been around the business from a young age and realised quickly that he was sure that he wanted to take over at some point. This time cam in 1999 when the 4th generation of the Bongers family became the head of the company.

International relocations

Our company is based in Wageningen. This city is home to more than 100 different nationalities. People from all over the world pass through. Wageningen and its surroundings are so internationally orientated because of the agricultural college, now Wageningen university, that has been here for more than a 100 years. As a moving company, we have always been able to use this to our advantage. We are now known in all corners of the world. As graduated students would venture all over the world, but also return every so many years. Historically many missionaries resided in our area, who we have also always helped move to the countries in which they carried out their special work.

Innovation and fun

We have managed to stay in business so long because we move with the times. Innovation was made for us. We used the most efficient tools and technical innovations. Like arranging relocations from a tablet. This way we can make relocations happen quickly and efficiently while also being flexible. Moreover, we find pleasure in our work. With our close-knit team, we experience how challenging and beautiful it is to constantly come up with solutions for the most complex relocation issues.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know more about our way of working? Do contact us, via phone or the cloud. You can make a request for your customized relocation, per email, via the form on our website, or with our survey app. We would also love to visit you. We can discuss your needs and the possibilities over a cup of coffee or tea.

With what may we help you?

Do you have questions about our services, or would you like some more information? Read more about the subjects below or contact us without obligation.

About Bongers

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