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My quotation is based on an estimated weight. Is this important?

Just as with volume, the moving company’s estimated weight is only important if this can be of importance to the maximum weight as given by your employer in the temporary employment contract.

I have received a quota in which a variable price is given bases on volume. What does this mean if the estimated volume turns out to be higher or lower?

With a variable price (per cubic metre or per 100 lbs.) the actual volume of the unchanged household effects should not deviate more than 10% of the quantity given in the quota.

If it is the case that there is a deviation that is bigger, then the mover will compare the estimate – and the packing lists and in case of anomalies in this, after discussing it with you, the price might be changed. Pay attention that if there is a lower volume the price can be changed by the mover to still deduct fixed expenses.

There is a lot of difference between the mover’s estimated volumes. How do I deal with this?

A relocation quota will almost always include the estimated volume, however, this is only important if:

  • you are bound by a certain maximum that your employer covers or
  • the moving price is based on a variable amount

In all other cases the volume is of lesser importance, as the Moving company has offered you a fixed price for the services they offer. A change to this price is only possible if it has been demonstrated during the inspection that goods have been added that were not shown or mentioned.

What is more favourable, should I request a total price or a price per cubic metre?

Here are a couple of possibilities:

  • A fixed or a total price. This is for you the most reliable offer- in this case the mover takes responsibility for- and also the risks of possible deviations from his estimation and from the mutually established agreements.
  • A price per cubic metre. In this case the estimated volume is important. The lowest estimated volume does not always mean the cheapest provider, because the volume that was actually moved will always be calculated. Make sure that the estimated volume is similar to estimates of other providers and keep in mind that a moving company that starts low can- and will always charge a higher volume.
  • A price per 100 lbs. For this the same applies as with volume, with the difference that in this case the moving company will have to submit a weighing certificate. However, this does not offer any certainty as many types of certificates are being ‘produced’.

For how long is a moving quote valid without the offered price and services being changed?

Any reliable quota will always mention exactly how long it is valid. A validity period with a maximum of 3 months is common. However, every moving company reserves the right to change the price according to price increases of suppliers or exchange rate differences.

Should a quota always describe the work included?

A reliable moving quota will always describe what activities and services are- and are not included. Make sure you always compare the specific activity descriptions, as well as the cost from third parties, such as for example Terminal Handling Charges (THC) and ask the moving company for clarification if something is not clear.

Please note: are the costs that are not included clearly stated as well?

Is it important that I choose a moving company that does all the work themselves?

Many moving companies use third parties to for example organise the freight and delivery in the country that the goods are being moved to. This extra link reduces the moving company’s involvement in the entire process and is more likely to contribute to misunderstandings and deviations from agreements. The intermediary it also less interested in a fast and short shipment and will often choose the cheapest option for him

Is the agent in the country that is the destination mentioned in the quota?

If the foreign agent is mentioned it is important to check if they are truly reliable as well. On what basis was this agent selected? If this is not clear, ask the moving company what foreign partner will be used for the relocation and on what criteria they were selected.

Do you know this moving company personally, from experience or does it just happen to be the only one they know or have they been selected by the shipping agent? Does this agent match their quality – you can always check their website. Own establishments abroad are certainly not always the best choice. Did the provider choose the best agent or does he, because of financial reasons, always have to use their own establishment, even if the level of service is doubtful.

How do I choose a reliable international moving company? Does this have to be a recognised moving company?

Is the provider part of the FIDI network and is the provider FAIM ISO certified? FIDI membership has international recognition and confirms that the provider has experience with international relocations. The FIDI membership is linked to the FAIM or the FAIM-ISO quality warranty, which means an extra guarantee for you as a customer. A recognised moving company offers an excellent national service but internationally this recognition does not have any value.



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