After moving

  • Leave small children and pets with the baby/pet sitter a little longer.
  • Directly put all furniture in the right place. Create space.
  • Make the living room liveable as soon as possible
  • Possibly reserve 1 room in the house where you can place everything that does not directly have a place.
  • Hang the curtains in the bedrooms.
  • Let the fridge and freezer acclimate for 1 day.
  • Remove the drum protection from the washing machine.
  • Unpack everything. But start with the kitchen and the crockery.
  • Unpack and install TV + internet for that evening.
  • Install lamps before it gets dark.
  • Hang up a nameplate.
  • Report any damage that was not directly noticeable if applicable (no later than 14 days)
  • Meet the neighbours or the caretaker


Then use our handyman service!

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