Libraries and archives

When moving libraries and archives it often concerns many kilometres of books and archives. Often things look a lot alike, especially when you have 100.000 of ‘the same’ archive boxes.  

The key to success however is the moving specialists of Bongers Movers who know how to deal with this. Whether it concerns internal (within the building) or external (to another location) moves, with us you are always in the right place.

Procedures, experience and equipment

When you need to for example move one kilometre of books in a day, then you will need people that follow the set procedures and who are experienced with doing this.

Having the right order of packing and unpacking is crucial. Besides this, it is also very important to have the right equipment. For example, Bongers Movers has lockable archive boxes and lockable roll containers. We also have fitting solutions for deviating sizes.


Archives contain the company’s ‘conscience’, or for example, patient data. Personal information that needs to be moved with the greatest of care. That is why it is possible to screen employees beforehand.

With what may we help you?

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