Bongers Movers is the specialist in the centre of the Netherlands in the field of office relocations. Relocation is more than just moving some desks and cupboards from A to B. With office relocations, the entire office contents must be moved within a short amount of time.

But not only that: of course everything needs to be placed in the right office spaces at the new location. All binders must be placed in the cupboards in the same order so that your employees experience as little inconvenience as possible from the move. After all, you want to start as quickly and in the best way you can at your new location.

Time Planning

As a professional moving organisation, Bongers Movers is able to relocate your offices very quickly. Often the project movers will only need a few days to move your inventory and other contents to the new location, including computers, printers and coffee machines, and to make it use-ready. Even when it concerns hundreds of workspaces.


Bongers Movers uses their own material for the relocation: air-suspended trucks, vans, lifts, moving boxes, meter bins, roll containers, etc. Of course will also ensure that your old location is left in a clean condition and that, for example, floors and lifts at the new location are well protected during the move.

Bongers Movers can apart from helping you move also do (amongst other things) the following for you:

  • Creating a moving instructions book
  • Creating your relocation planning
  • Arrange office spaces
  • Arrange archive spaces
  • Disassemble and assemble office furniture
  • Disassemble and assemble (archive) racks
  • Packing and unpacking of cupboards and archives
  • Connecting and disconnecting of computers, printers and servers
  • Store furniture
  • Dispose of surplus or old furniture
  • Handyman service
  • Supply ready to use pre-printed moving stickers
  • Complete project supervision by a moving manger

With what may we help you?

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