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Art and Antiques

The moving of art and antique requires expertise and insight. Bongers has this expertise amongst themselves and will take care of the relocation of art and antiques from ‘customer to customer’, from ‘gallery to customer’ and from ‘warehouse to customer’. Worldwide, regardless of the value or vulnerability of the pieces that need to be moved. Whether it concerns large-scale collections or one work of art belonging to a private individual. Read more ▸


Bongers has for years been involved in the moving of goods for exhibitions. One of the most important features of this is a strict time schedule, knowledge of customs regulations and the recognition of the exhibitions centres. Expertise and keeping to a strict schedule are necessary for this. Read more ▸

Hotel furnishing

The furnishing of hotels requires expert logistical management. According to the Marshalling Yard system from Bongers the required items are received, cleared, and delivered in the country of importation according to a predetermined schedule. The continuation of the design of the project is the priority. Read more ▸

Commercial goods

The moving of commercial goods means more than just booking cargo space. Bongers provides relocation for a wide range of customers with a wide variety of products. Transport is arranged as efficiently as possible on the basis of the product, the budget, and the desired speed. Read more ▸

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