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The moving of art and antique requires expertise and insight. Bongers has this expertise amongst themselves and will take care of the relocation of art and antiques from ‘customer to customer’, from ‘gallery to customer’ and from ‘warehouse to customer’. Worldwide, regardless of the value or vulnerability of the pieces that need to be moved. Whether it concerns large-scale collections or one work of art belonging to a private individual.

Art and antique require sense, insight, knowledge, and skills—a number of core values that Bongers possesses and with which we serve both the commercial and the private art world. Each individual piece represents both emotional and commercial value and therefore deserves extra care and attention. A mix of factors, such as expert packaging, special climate controlled facilities, safety, and having a feeling for the circumstances, form the basis for this service.

There where we tend to work online as much as possible, this is one of those special cases that still requires personal attention, preparation and detailed personal guidance. After all, there are often different parties involved, such as the current owner and the new owner but also the insurance company that will have special requirements with regards to transportation and packaging. With Bongers you will be sure that you will get this kind of personal care and attention. Send us an email with your requirements or feel free to contact us for a personal conversation and an inspection and let yourself be convinced.

The relocation of art and antique is a speciality!

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