Relocations of warehouses are fundamentally different from those of offices or machines. Experience, systematics, and procedures are of great importance here.

Relocating a warehouse with 100,000 different items, all in different sizes, from small boxes or packaging to pallet racks and paternoster cabinets, should not be underestimated, and is work for the moving specialists from Bongers Movers.

More efficient warehouse organisation

Moving warehouses often those not happen 1 on 1, but is often a reason to organise the new warehouse in a more efficient and logistical way. Turnover speed and pick height are of crucial importance for the new layout. You cannot just close a warehouse for a week because you are moving. The moving specialists from Bongers Movers can relocate your warehouse outside of operational hours. It will also remain clear which stock is where so that product deliveries are not delayed. The reliability of your companies delivery will not be at risk.

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