Dismantling Service

Dismantling and setting up of furniture can be quite a task. But for our crews it is part of the daily routine. Many modern furniture is detachable, relatively easy, but time consuming if it not your daily job. Antique furniture requires even more specialist handling. Dismantling is often necessary to prevent damage, to joints, screw holes and such. Even furniture that looks sturdy is often too fragile to move without dismantling.

Our surveyor an advise you during our visit for which furniture dismantling is advisable.

Before dismantling furniture, make sure if you can do this alone, or whether you need more than one person. Large wardrobes and cabinets often need more than two hands to take apart safely, and have to be dismantled in the right order.

It is also essential to properly mark all parts with their position within the furniture. Pictures from several angles are useful putting the furniture back together.

For dismantling and setting up complex, customs built wardrobes our crew has had extensive training, and has vast experience.

Expertise is essential for high value and/or complex furniture.

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