After moving house there often is a lot of work still to be done before your house is actually ready to live in. These, often time consuming tasks, are done in no time if you use our Handyman service.

The Handyman has a service vehicle, in which he carries all the usual equipment and materials necessary for small tasks. Mounting cabinets, hanging lamps, installing audio- and video equipment – the Handyman doesn’t sweat it, but does sweat for you.

He can also arrange the complete furnishing of your workplace, living room, or office. Are you expecting maintenance workers that need guidance? No worries, just leave it to the Bongers Handyman.

Typical Handyman Jobs:

  • Putting up or removing nameplates
  • Installing door locks
  • Connecting equipment
  • Small repairs
  • Repair works to furniture
  • Hanging Paintings
  • Wall repairs
  • Putting up wallpaper/ Painting
  • Installing carpet
  • Placing doors and windows
  • Attaching curtain rails
  • Fitting new furniture
  • Waterbed service
  • Draught-proofing
  • And much more….

In other words, the perfect way to complete your moving is with the Handyman service by Bongers. Even if you are not moving house you can still use this convenient service.

With what may we help you?

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