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Save your time and energy with our packing service. Packing smaller items such as china, glasses, books, linen, clothes and cd´s, you can leave to the care of our professionals. It will save you time, stress and possible damage.

When you are moving you can choose to have your kitchen inventory, glassware, books, linen, clothes and music collection packed professionally. Our movers make sure that all preparations are done efficiently and effortless. Packing the boxes, coding them with content and destination, and even unpacking and replacing in your cupboards and wardrobes is all possible. You can choose for ease when moving, and use your energy to settle in your new home comfortably.

Our service offers many advantages:

  • You save time and energy
  • Packing is performed by experienced professionals.
  • All the packing takes considerably less time compared to packing yourself..
  • Your home stays intact and liveable until the movers arrive, and can be fully intact again when they have finished.
  • All inventory is fully insured.

Where you could be living amongst boxes for days or even weeks before your move. When you let our staff perform all the work, you can live as usual until the day before your move. In most cases all the packing and preparations can done in jut one day. When professionals are at work, this will all take much less time than you may expect.

Packing performed by experienced movers means a more efficient use of packing materials and space. We will use more types and sizes of materials and cartons. Lamps, glass tables, hanging clothes golf bags, we can quickly pack all fragile or easily stained items. Everything will be safe from damage, dirt or weather influences.

And when we close the door of your new home behind us, all the rooms will be ready for use. A comforting thought.

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