Packing you own boxes

Are you moving soon, and are you conisdering packing you boxes yourself ? Read below some helpful tips.

Small fragile items

  • Glasses: 
    Make a cushion at the bottom of the box of some wrapping paper or linen. Roll the wrapping paper slightly wrinkled around the glasses to create a cushioned layer. PLace the glasses inside the box straight up, and fill the box with light items such as plastic containers. Fill the final empty space with some wrapping paper or some linnenso the contents can not move around. If you hve crystal glasses or extra fragile glasses, you could consider the special glass box with compartments.

  • Plates: 
    Make a cushion in the box of some folded crushed wrapping paper. Wrap each plate in a sheet of paper. PLace each plate on its side in the box. Mix the contents with some lighter items so the box is not too heave, and fill to the rim with lighter items, topped of with folded paper sheets or linen, so the contents cannot move around in the box.


  • When in doubt better use more paper than too little.
  • Put heavy items on the bottom,lighter items on top.
  • Start with larger items, fill with smaller items.
  • Keep items at least 2 cm / 1 inch below the top edge of the carton and fill to the rim with some paper.
  • Write on the side of the box that it contains fragile items.
  • Keep the boxes with fragile items together.
  • Place the sticker with contents and location on the side of the box.

With what may we help you?

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Domestic removal

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Use our packing service!

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Bigger items

  • Books:
    Use a foldable box with a handle. Put the books flat in the box with the hardcovers facing each other. Fill the box till 60% and top it off with linens or other light material. This will help avoid back complains for your and our workers.

  • Wine:
    For this use the special wine box. This box is has compartments built in.

  • Mattress:
    For the mattress there is a special mattress cover available.

  • Connection materials and cables:
    For parts of disassembled furniture use the brightly coloured parts box. This box is also perfectly suitable for keys/remotes and cables of your expensive audio equipment!

  • Lampshades:
    Disassemble the lampshade from the base and always pack lampshades in a separate box. There are various sizes of boxes available.

  • Hanging clothes:
    For clothes that are normally hanged, there is a special wardrobe box available. Do not add other articles in order to avoid damaging your expensive clothes.

  • Clocks:
    Remove the pendulum from the clock and pack this in e.g. the box for parts. The packing of large standing clocks is best left to the professional movers.


  • Linen, jumpers, shirts and jeans:
    Use a foldable box with a handle and fill the box completely.

  • Audio and video equipment:
    Use when possible the original packaging. If the original packaging is not there anymore, follow these instructions: create a bouncy base in a foldable box with +/- 10 pieces of crumpled wrapping paper and first cover the loose parts in a soft foam. Fill the leftover space with paper, so that items can not move.

  • Plasma TV:
    Use when possible the original packaging. If the original packaging is not there anymore, follow these instructions: first apply a layer of foam to protect the screen from getting scratched. Then cover with a layer of bubble wrap and finish of with cardboard. Our movers can help you with this.

  • Food and flammable goods:
    It is better not to package food that has been opened. We recommend that you transport it yourself. Fire and explosive goods may not be packed due to the risk of fire.

  • Open bottles:
    Do not pack them in order to avoid damage to other goods.
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