Senioren verhuizingen

A special moving service for seniors. From experience we know seniors can have specific wishes, demands or expectations. Our moving service for seniors ca provide all the specialist requirements. Your answer for a carefree move. Moving to a retirement community or a smaller home usually requires downsizing a lifetime of possessions and memories, a burden significantly reduced by working with a compassionate professional.

From our first meeting we will cooperate in close harmony to guide you through your move.. We are at your service with advice and for an requests. We know our way around moest homes in the region, and how to perform you compete move flawlessly and and with no disturbances to other inhabitants.

Our focus is on guiding you through every stage of your move; planning, preparation of your new home, your inventory, packing, moving, and helping you get settled in your new home.

A move with dedication will take more time and effort. but this is essential for a successful moving service. With patience, tact and the right pace we reassure our clients. It is not a matter of moving from A to B as quickly as possible. Understanding the situation, listening, and thinking ahead is our key for our senior moving service.

We pay extra attention to sorting and carefully packing all small en valuable or emotional inventory. And all inventory is labeled to make sure it goes to the right destination. Often family heirlooms need to be carefully delivered to children of other family members, even across the world.

Besides our specialised moving services we offer you even more. Also a cleaning service, or a removal concierge service that assists with or arranges all other aspects of moving to a new house. Changes of address, selecting furniture or curtains, arranging new floors. We can assist!

With what may we help you?

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