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Considering airfreight for shipping personal or removal goods takes a careful weighing of options based on the destination, size, weight and budget. Within Europe airfreight is relatively expensive and not good alternative in general. Even for destinations outside Europe good consideration of all the options is advised. It is a common misconception that removal goods are flown on the same airplane as the owner. Cargo is handled is special terminals, and flown on special cargo airplanes. And on arrival all needs to be prepared for a smooth import.

An average transit time for airfreight can vary roughly from 7 to 14 days. Removal goods have a lower rate and priority than many other perishable goods commonly transported by air. Removal goods therefore may skip a few flights before space is available for it. Several US airlines will decline shipping personal goods as the contents are unknown, and therefore too much risk. Bongera can ship your goods as a certified shipper allowing choice between more airlines and destinations.

As volume is also an important factor when calculating the cost for airfreight, the volume is something to consider carefully. How to pack your belongings, perhaps in several smaller packages can save volume, and therefore cost. On the other hand, low value and high volume most likely discards airfreight as a good option. Your Bongers removal consultant will gladly help you make the right choice.

Airfreight - the right choice if you let Bongers choose for you.

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