International moving

Are you leaving you trusted surroundings, and venturing into other countries ? Let a professional and reliable moving company assist you. We have been helping families move around the globes for many, many years. Since 1920 we can say that in a hundred years we have arranges removals to and from almost every country in the world. Wherever you choose to move, we know the most reliable, the fastest or the most economical way to your new home.

We make sure all your precious belongings arrive safely where you need them.

  • Land, sea or air: we know how to prepare your goods for shipping, customs clearance and delivery across the world. Together we choose the best mode of transport that suits your needs.
  • Flexibility for your move: you decide with what parts of your removal you want our support.
  • Full service international moving: your entire move, and the entire organisation we will take it upon ourselves to let you have a flawless move.

In need of storage ?

In our modern storage facility you can store your inventory short-term or long-term. When necessry, during long stay abroad, we can safely store your belongings for several years. Complete householdsin containers, smaller parts in wooden crates of different sizes, and rooms for pianos or carpets. Read more ▸


In international moving, many links make up the chain of your move. Each with their own rules and conditions. Third parties often excluded any liabilities for damages. Therefore a good international removal insurance is advisable. We offer the best insurance possible. Read more ▸

With what may we help you?

Do you have questions about our services, or would you like some more information? Read more about the subjects below or contact us without obligation.

International removals

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Choose our storage facility to keep it safe untill you return !

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International removal

Bongers is your best partner for your international move. OUr custom made and personal service makes us unique. Wherever it is you are moving to, we know the safest, quickest and most economical route to your new home.

Our staff is trained and experienced with knowledge so we can offer you the most economical move for any kind of inventory. In line with your wishes and budget we can perform part of, or your entire removal.

Economical international move

To move more economical but still with the reliability of a professional international movers is by partly doing your own move. You give us your list of inventory to move and we will advise you and work out a plan for your move. You decide which items you definitely want to bring, and we work out your move within your budget.

Packing of small and normal items you can do yourself. We can give you tips and instructions and provide professional materials. Your fragile and precious belongings will be professionally packed buys. For more economy you can choose to move in a shared container. Fixed costs are shared with more clients. Where the move may take some more time, you save money, like the many other customers before you.

Full service international moving

In a full service international removal our packers will pack all your precious belongings in special quality cartons for export. Your furniture will be packed, and dismantled where necessary. Special materials to protect fabric, glass, or coated surfaces are used to pack, and crates for the most vulnerable items. For shipping we use made-to-measure crates or a shipping container. Based on the volume of your shipment we will work out the most efficient mode of transport and shipping.

The rates for an international removal will vary from a few hundred for a small shipment to several thousand for a complete inventory. Of course we will make sure you do not pay too much, and we can gaurantuee that. Before we start we send you our detailed offer describing all included services. We make sure you do not need to go over your budget, and that you get the most possible service and volume shipped within your budget.

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