Moving overland

Moving houses over European roads… from Autobahn to Route de Soleil and beyond.

We know the European roads like no other. Every week we move furniture and household goods to their new home by Autobahn, Route de Soleil, the Autostrada, and beyond. We also know our way around cities. We know how to find shortcuts when there are roadblocks and traffic jams, how to get parking permits, where to rent lifts, what the customs rules are and other important things. In short: when you are moving houses over land, you can confidently leave it to us.

From dorm rooms to castles

We help anyone that wants to move houses, both inside- and outside of the Netherlands. We will not shy away from any request. From students with a room of 18 m2 to castle lords with an estate; in the last 100 years, we have seen all different kinds and ways of moving houses, multiple times.

Our ride schedule

On our website, we keep a schedule. This is great for your planning. You can see in which weeks we already visit your new home county. For example, we drive from Brussels to Barcelona and back one week and the week after we drive through Belgium to France and through Switzerland to Germany. And another week after that towards Portugal, and so on...

Why move overland?

When moving within Europe transportation by truck is the most cost-efficient. The advantage of moving overland is that we often have multiple destinations in one trip and this way we can move the goods of multiple households. This really helps to bring down the costs. Do you have any questions about this subject? Do ask them. We would love to tell you more about it.

Waar mogen wij u mee helpen?

Heeft u vragen over onze dienstverlening, of wilt u graag wat meer informatie? Lees dan verder over onderstaande onderwerpen of neem vrijblijvend contact met ons op. 

Internationaal verhuizen

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