Not only outside but also within Europe there are multiple destinations accessible via the sea. Countries like Norway, Greece and Turkey have large and efficient ports where were several shipping lines dock, making a shipment via a container vessel an economical alternative to a move by road.

For shipping overseas standard containers of the shipping line are used. These are picked up at the port of origin, packed, returned, and then shipped to the port of destination. There the agent performing the delivery has approximately 1 week to get the container out of port, and deliver the removal to the new home. The rent for the shipping period and a few days at each port is included in the shipping rates.

These containers are available in several sizes. For shipping removals 20-feet or 40-feet are the common sizes used. The feet correspond to the length. In the metric system this converts to 6 metres or 12 metres in length, and these have a volume of 30 or 60 cubic meters respectively.

For the largest shipments, and shipments including cars, a common size is the 40 feet high-cube container, with a few inches extra in every direction, making the volume 76 cbm. And for selected destinations even an 45-feet high cube container can be an option, with 85 cubic metres of content. One option is to load the container yourself. But as you may have read in the International Moving section, this is a craft best left to the professionals at Bongers.

For smaller shipments we also offer you the option of combining you goods with those of other clients, and co-load them in a so-called groupage container. For common destinations this can be a good alternative, sharing the container an the cost for shipping the container. Obviously this works best for common destinations, as the USA, Australia, South Africa and the several capitals in Asia. The team of Bongers will gladly look into the possibilities for your shipment and your next destination. These options work in both directions. We can also arrange the shipment from several cities back to Europe for you.

For smaller shipments where combining is not an option, or takes too much time, Bongers can offer you standard sized crates or cartons, or made-to-measure crates. This crate can be used to shipment you inventory safely to the furthest corners of the world. This option, known as LCL ( Less than Container Load ) makes shipping per cbm a bit more costly relatively, but can still be the safest or quickest option for your move.

Besides the made-to-measure wooden crates that have always been used for shipping Bongers can also provide cates of special, extra strong carton. These are easily recyclable, but also, for many destinations carton is better as importing wood in many countries is stringently controlled. Our wooden crates are made from certified safe wood. But may still be carefully inspected, risking delay and costs. You cannot just use any crate for shipping. Bongers will be happy to advise you on the best mode of shipment and type of packaging that suits your goods and destination.

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