Do you need space to temporarily store your stuff? We have a warehouse especially available for you to store anything you want. If you sign a storage agreement with us, you can leave your inventory here temporarily or even for years with confidence. With us, your possessions are in the best hands.

Advantages of our warehouse

  • You can store your stuff in your own (rented) container, or in one of our custom made wooden boxes.
  • Our warehouse is extra secure. Your possessions will be managed by us with great care. The chance of loss or damage is reduced to the absolute minimum. There are also fire detectors that have a direct connection to the emergency department of the fire brigade;
  • The container or wooden box that you are using can be closed and sealed personally;
  • Your stuff will be stored in a controlled environment.

Storage for your webshop

Are you not moving, but do you need s storage space for products that you sell in your webshop? You can also rent a space for this with us. We can receive your goods for you, place them in your storage. And we can even prepare your outgoing orders and packages or shipments.

Storage in Boxes

Storage in wooden boxes, traditional but in a high-tech environment with extra amenities. For safely storing smaller household items, sets of office furniture, expensive equipment or artwork, Bongers also has, apart from the MaM space and containers, traditional wooden storage boxes available, which are still being used in the moving business for smaller sized lots.

With what may we help you?

Do you have questions about our services, or would you like some more information? Read more about the subjects below or contact us without obligation.

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Container storage

Storing your belongings for a longer period, in your own container(s) in the storage system of the future. Finding something more economical and safe is not possible. For storing your belongings for a shorter or a longer period, Bongers offers a very economical and safe option: rent an exclusive container and let it be stored in our advanced container storage system.

The container, rented from Bongers and exclusively available to you, we can load at your home, and store it in our purpose-built container warehouse.

The advantages:

  • Controlled environment
  • Secured
  • Minimised handling, the complete container will be moved
  • Different sizes of containers
  • The container is quickly available for you
  • The chance of damage or loss is reduced to an absolute minimum
  • The container can be closed and sealed by you personally

Our storage warehouses

Bongers has several container warehouses, strategically spread across the country. This allows us to store more than 400,000 m3 of goods. The container warehouses are equipped with a unique, fully automated system that makes your container accessible at the touch of a button.

Climate-controlled and Secured

Our container warehouses are in a fully controlled environment; an automated system keeps a close eye on humidity and temperature, ensuring your goods will remain in the best possible condition.

The container warehouses are electronically secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. After closing time, all alarm systems are connected to the control room of a recognised security company.
All container warehouses are equipped with smoke detectors, which are linked to an alarm system that is directly connected to the control room of the fire brigade. Both our fire alarm systems and our fire prevention systems meet all possible legal requirements.

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