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Are you looking for a space to store household effects or the inventory of your company or association?

Are you unsure whether to choose a moving company with storage or self-storage with 24-hour access?

You can come to us for all options. We take care of the storage of our customer’s household effects.

You can rent a space where you can get started yourself in another part of our building. And switching is always allowed. Our office and warehouse are staffed on working days and we can receive goods for you. Or we can deliver your household effects and handover sold products to customers or transporters, and if desired, we can even lookup the goods or order for you, package them for shipment and transport them if you wish.

We store archives and rent out space for them, we look up files for our customers, we store products and dispatch orders, we also store and move household effects worldwide.

Everything can be discussed and almost nothing is impossible.

These are just some of the possibilities:

Household effects or furniture, in boxes or containers

  • Archive
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Winter- or summer tires
  • Webshop products, on shelves or pallets
  • Own space for easy jobs (e.g. packaging)
  • Auto / motor
  • Outside space, possible to have an isolated box 24/7
  • Wine; climate control with a constant temperature
  • “Funda Tidying”: make your house tidy and sale ready
  • Before you move store away any surplus items, decorate your new home, and collect it afterwards
  • Make space/ protect your stuff during home improvement works
  • Clear out the attic or the messy room to make space for a study or fitness space
  • Subletting a student room? You can store your personal items temporarily
  • The risk of loss and / or damage will be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • The container can be personally closed and sealed.


With what may we help you?

Do you have questions about our services, or would you like some more information? Read more about the subjects below or contact us without obligation.

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