Using a moving company with over 100 years of experience you are sure to get the best quality. We work with trained and qualified movers. You might already have a complete household effects insurance but often this does not cover the risks of moving. Our full moving insurance offers the solution to this.

On average everyone moves one time in seven years. During this time your household effects are properly covered. Because, after all you have taken out a good household effects insurance yourself. But it is especially during moving that your household effects are at the highest risk. You would not want to be at risks during such a time, right?

Completely covered

With Bongers your household effects are by default covered during a move within the Netherlands for up to a maximum of € 100.000,- of replacement value. For an international move the insurance can also be arranged, based on the value of your inventory.

Don’t be fooled by great offers

We also run into dishonest moving companies, that reference all-risk insurance, while in reality they often are only insured for their own liability. What this means in practice is that you have to prove that they are responsible for the damage and even if you manage to do this, they will only pay the current market value. In some cases the market value is set by insurers at 0% after 2 years.

Renting a van for moving yourself is also not without risk. All moving vans for a driving license B with a trunk of cc. 20 cbm, are limited to a maximum weight of 3500 kilo. This includes the vehicle itself, the load, and the passengers and driver. A weight of 1 cbm household effects is on average 100 kilo. So if your vehicle is full you will pass the weight limit. Apart from the fact that this is a criminal offence that could result in a fine and after which you are not allowed to continue driving, there is also a risk that the insurer refuses to pay in case of for example a car accident. The damage to your goods, the car that you rented, and the damage to third parties will not be insured.

Make sure you carefully check the conditions for all the details.

With what may we help you?

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