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Boxes for moving needed? Bongers offers boxes, service, and storage

Are you looking to buy boxes for moving? Not only can we provide these, but we also offer you a moving service and a safe place to store your belongings. As a professional moving company with 100 years of experience, Bongers knows how much time and energy it can take to move your belongings. We are here to make sure your moving experience is as efficient and relaxed as possible. Whether you are moving within the Netherlands or internationally, our employees are here to help you where needed and can even take care of the organization of your move entirely.

Boxes for moving - Stack of boxes
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Moving your boxes around the world

We offer moving services within the Netherlands and internationally. Since the founding of our company, we have facilitated moves to nearly all countries in the world. Wherever you would like to move, we know the fastest, most trusted, or cheapest way to your new home.

If you want to purchase boxes for moving directly, please take a look at our web shop Boxes

This way we make sure your belongings arrive safely at your new home

  • Getting acquainted: the first step for us is to get to know our customers and their needs. Therefore, we first let one of our employees come by to get acquainted and discuss what and how you would like to move.
  • Packing service: let us pack your belongings in a careful and professional manner, this way you avoid damage and stress.
  • Disassembling service: for us disassembling and assembling furniture is a routine job. With us your furniture is in good hands.
  • Handyman service: after moving there are usually a few chores to be done. Whether it is painting, laying carpet, or making repairs, we can take it out of your hands.
  • By land, sea, or air: we know exactly what moving your belongings by truck, boat, or plane entails. Together we will find the most suitable solution for your specific needs.

Boxes for moving - Single box
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Boxes for moving: store them with us!

An important part of Bongers’ services is temporary or long-term storage. If, because of circumstances, your belongings cannot directly be shipped or delivered, it is important that you can store them in a safe and affordable way. We have a warehouse available where you can store your belongings for a short period or even for a couple of years.

Advantages of our warehouse

  • You can store your belongings in your own (rented) container, but also in our customized wooden boxes;
  • Our warehouse is well secured. Your belongings will be kept safe, and the chances of missing or damaged items are at a bare minimum. The warehouse is also equipped with fire alarms that are in direct contact with the fire brigade;
  • The container or wooden boxes that you are using can be personally locked and sealed;
  • Your belongings are located in a controlled climate. An automatic system closely watches the humidity and temperature in the warehouse.

Boxes for storage

We do not only provide boxes for moving, but also special wooden boxes for storage. This might seem traditional, but we use these boxes in a high-tech environment with additional services. Bongers has designed a special storage system, which reduces the need to move the boxes around to a minimum. The boxes are stacked, up to 4 pieces maximum, on mobile platforms, which offers you easy access to every box. Not only does this ensure the safety of your belongings, but the efficient use of space also affects our storage rates.

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Interested in our services? Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions. You can also immediately request a quotation. We are available by email at info@bongers.nl and by phone at +31 (0)317 466 466. We also offer an online tool to calculate the approximate cost of your move and storage needs calculate your needs here.

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