Bongers has for years been involved in the moving of goods for exhibitions. One of the most important features of this is strict time schedule, knowledge of customs regulations and the recognition of the exhibitions centres. Expertise and keeping to a strict schedule are necessary for this.

Goods for exhibitions require skilled handlers and specialised knowledge. The goods will need to be imported on time in order to avoid having to pay unnecessary import taxes. Bongers has their own knowledgeable declarations department. The relocation and the delivery at the exposition centre will always be done in consolation with the organisation.

Depending on the relocation, the employees of Bongers can help you just with the move itself or even with the whole planning. Especially when it concerns an incidental matter you can rely on our expertise. If it happens a lot you can even consider outsourcing the logistics in its entirety. We can store everything in-between moving. Not only in the Netherlands but also through our close collaboration with permanent agents this is also possible on a local level worldwide. Depending on the requirements, permanent technicians can even be flown in to build and dismantle everything worldwide with the same team within the set deadlines.

With Bongers you know that your exposition will be ready in time!

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